The Inception of the ‘BURN For Us’ Campaign

The Inception of the 'BURN For Us' Campaign
Courtesy of Brett Jordan

The History of the ‘B.U.R.N. For Us’ Campaign

So, here is the inception of the ‘BURN For Us’ Campaign. This year an unusual LinkedIn profile with my name on it has been shadowing my official profile. I thought it was one of my old LinkedIn accounts and tried to merge it with my current one. However, LinkedIn would not let me do this because I did not have the password to that account. The ‘twin account’ is associated with my first and last name, Quianna Canada, and the acronym B.U.R.N.

I was more intrigued when the account appeared on Google bearing the same snippet of data from my official profile, as seen below.

As per this unusual LinkedIn doppelganger—I owned the acronym B.U.R.N. or rather the ‘company’ B.U.R.N.

I thought cool! Awesome! I own a company! High five! But, then I thought: “You don’t own a company.” It was that “Oh no, I’ve been cloned!” kind of moment. I am only joking. The account has now disappeared from Google. Not sure if—or when—it will reappear.

The Inception of the ‘BURN For Us’ Campaign

What I do know is this: seeing that account beneath my official one sparked an idea. I said, “Girl, you need to make use of that acronym!” Because the acronym went unclaimed, and it was next to my name, why not use it? I pondered for a moment and came up with: Balanced. Unprejudiced. Reflective. News.

It cannot be denied that Journey to the Center was created to give a balanced perspective on every day political issues. While everyone writes from their own personal perspective, Journey to the Center’s primary goal is to include nuance, which is often seen (or unseen) on mainstream media’s chopping block.

Yes, my articles are published from my own perspective. But I really try to eliminate prejudice from my writing. Hence, unprejudiced. I also think deeply about the particular pieces that I upload to my website. Most writers would agree that reflection is an important element to writing. While this does not mean I will have time to think deeply on every issue of news that I publish or that you will not see errors in my writing. What it does mean for me is that I am thinking.

The B.U.R.N. For Us campaign is defined as sharing a piece of balanced, unprejudiced and reflective news while using the #BURN. Anyone can use it when they share or Tweet an article from Journey to the Center.

While I am open to writing on most issues, I usually focus on the following areas: gun violence and anti-Black racism in the United States, women and the law, and issues regarding immigration and international protection. If you find a news article that should be expounded on in a balanced, unprejudiced and reflective way, and would like for me to comment on it, please contact me.

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