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Significant Stories at the Center of a Digital Revolution

Women & The Law, The Q-Debate, and The Q-Infinity Perspective are significant stories and issues that are at the center of a digital revolution.

Women & The Law

Essays and stories about cis and transgender women and the law.

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The Quandary

The section highlights deeply concerning issues on YouTube, Twitter, Reddit, and Podcasts.

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The Q-Infinity Perspective

A perspective that brings harmony and balance to racialized issues.

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Safe Country Researcher, Human Rights Defender and Anti-torture Activist

“All of us are put in boxes by our family, by our religion, by our society, our moment in history, even our own bodies. Some people have the courage to break free.” - Geena Rocero

Quianna Canada
Editor of A Journey to the Center

"Mistakes and Correctness, Conquest and Defeat, Being Loved and Unloved, Changing and Unchanging. It is all about a rite of passage." - Quianna Canada

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A blog with no left or right angles.

Biden Administration Retaliates Against Black University of Arizona Student Conducting Research
Why Governments Work to Discredit Country Condition Researchers
Breaking the Silence: Shocking Treatment of Asylum Seekers in Ireland Demand Urgent Action from NGOs
The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Must Investigate Ireland's Coercive Repatriation Practices
Coercive Repatriation: A Human Rights Crisis on the Rise in Ireland
Why the Biden Administration’s New Executive Action Won’t Reduce Gun Violence

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