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Your go-to source for staying informed about pressing issues that affect our society. I am dedicated to keeping the public in the know, one watchdog post at a time. Join me in my #BURN For Us Campaign, where I shine a light on the crucial matters that demand accountability.

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Gun Violence Watch
Watching gun violence; keeping US accountable.
Police Brutality Watch
Watching police violence; keeping US accountable.
Racial Profiling Watch
Watching persecution; keeping US accountable.

An impartial coverage of events and issues related to human rights violations in the US and Ireland.

Shining a Light on the Darkest Corners of Society

With my public watchdog blog, you can rest assure that I am keeping an eye on the issues that matter most - from gun violence in the US to cruel and unusual treatment and punishment in Direct Provision.

Americans & Asylum

This section draws attention to the treatment of Americans in the asylum process, offering informative articles to the public.

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The Cque Podcast

The new Cque Podcast delves into deeply concerning issues found on platforms like YouTube, Twitter, and Reddit, sparking meaningful discussions.

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Gun Violence in the US

This section presents a comprehensive analysis of the prevailing issue of gun violence and explores potential strategies for combating this epidemic.

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Journey to the Center


Here you will discover not just the resolute pledge of this informational public watchdog blog to relentlessly pursue enduring, non-violent remedies to combat the scourge of gun violence in the United States, but also my unwavering personal pledge to exemplify strong leadership by firmly advocating for a non-violent approach to eliminate the menace of guns.

A Public Watchdog Blog

Asylum Seeker. Law Student. Researcher. Human Rights Defender.

Allow me to introduce myself - Quianna Canada, an asylum seeker, law student, country researcher and human rights defender. Guided by the belief that true change begins with breaking free from the confines society places upon us, I remain steadfast in my pursuit of justice of those aggrieved.

Quianna Canada
My Public Watchdog blog will offer a unique perspective, unfettered by left or right angles.

Through compelling opinion editorials, centered reflections, and more, I confront societal issues head-on, challenging readers to question their own beliefs and biases.

At the Center of Public Watchdog News

Opinion Editorials, Centered Reflections, and More!

A blog with no left or right angles.

Open Letter to Honorable Claire D. Cronin on Transnational Repression in Ireland
Has Police Misconduct and Excessive Use of Force in the US Decrease Post-George Floyd?
US Practice of Handcuffing Children Violates International Human Rights Law
Public Statement: Violence Against Our Elected Officials is a Threat on Democracy
From Hero to Villian: The Dark Side of Colorado Springs’ Automotive Repair Industry
Quianna Canada's TikTok: A Public Watchdog Account

If you cannot view my TikTok watchdog videos on this website, it is likely they are being censored by the State. Thus, I kindly request that you contact the United Nations at [email protected].

Human Rights and Political Commentary on the US and Ireland

Quianna Canada's Public Watchdog TikTok

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