What Does Transmisogynoir Mean?

Nov 30, 2022 #transmisogynoir

What does transmisogynoir mean?
Courtesy of Quianna Canada

What Does Transmisogynoir Mean? The A-Z of Gender and Sexuality: From Ace to Ze dictionary defines transmisogynoir as intersecting oppression faced by Black transgender women of color and transfeminine people. 

Black trans women and trans feminine people are subject to extreme structural violence and discrimination on the basis of their race and their genders. They are more likely to be: street harassed, fetishized, hyper-sexualized or de-sexualized. Additionally, they are denied access to employment, housing and healthcare; stopped and harassed by police; physically assaulted; sexually assaulted; and murdered.

Transmisogynoir affected (“TMA”) people of color, and especially Black trans women and other Black assigned male at birth trans people, are among the most vulnerable in the queer community; yet their oppression also plays out among queers. The term transmisogynoir is a combination of “misogynoir” (coined by queer Black feminist Moya Bailey) and “transmisogyny” (coined by transfeminist Julia Serano). 



Edward, H. M. L. (2019). The A-Z of gender and sexuality: From ace to ze. Jessica Kingsley Publishers.

Quianna Canada

Quianna Canada

Quianna Canada is a B.A. Law student at the University of Arizona, a Human Rights Defender, anti-torture activist. Her conversance with the American criminal justice system has made her passionate about justice and equality. Her focused researched on the ills of rankism, racism, and gender-based prejudice makes her an insightful expert at identifying maltreatment immanent in institutions, and how oppression effects ostracised persons in the world.

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