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Irish People Call for Referendum on Asylum

Irish People Call for Referendum on Asylum

Irish people call for referendum on asylum while marching into the inner city. The protest movement have clogged traffic at Busaras, Amiens, and Junction street in Dublin.

Thursday 6:02 P.M. – Traffic stalled at Samuel Beckett

The East Wall protests have further stalled traffic at the Samuel Beckett Bridge, a popular tourists attraction in Ireland. Claims surfaced on Twitter that two direct provision centres in historical postal district of Dublin (4), where asylum seekers stay in Ireland, have been foreclosed due to a High Court injunction. The alleged centres are those on Pembroke Road and Nutley Lane. But an article states that an injunction was granted in Ballinamore, Co Leitrim, not for the reasons alleged, but to prevent protesters from interfering with the construction of the asylum accommodation structure.

Irish People Call for Referendum on Asylum
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United Against Racism and Dublin locals stand in solidarity with asylum seekers and refugees at the Spire. A popular tweet in support of asylum seekers alleges the anti-immigration protests are “being led by racists, not by individuals who are concern for children, women and men.”

Protest signs

Some of the protest signs seen in Dublin, as Irish people call for a referendum on asylum are: “Refugees Welcome“, “The safety of our children is important to #EastWall” , “Paschal Donohoe: Out, Out, Out,” and “Roderick O’Gorman: Out, Out, Out. Donohoe is the Fine Gael TD for Dublin Central. He was re-appointed as the Minister for Finance for Ireland in June 2020. O’Gorman was elected Green Party TD for Dublin West, and has served as Minister for Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth since June 2020.

Irish People Call for Referendum on Asylum
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There is an ongoing dispute on how many protesters showed on the streets in Dublin. An anti-fascist protester states approximately 30 anti-immigration protesters appeared, while others allege more.

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