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News Articles Covering Women & Law
Courtesy of Luwadlin Bosman

A Journey to the Center is a blog that informs on stories, essays, and news articles covering women & law. The stories of marginalized and vulnerable cisgender and transgender women have been averted by the media.

According to the World Health Organization,  1 in 3 women are subjected to physical or sexual violence by an intimate partner or sexual violence from a non-partner. That’s approximately 736 million women. This number has remained largely unchanged over the past decade. In the transgender community, nearly half (47%) were sexually assaulted at some point in their lifetime. Based on VAWnet‘s findings, communities of color have seen a rise. For instance, 53% of Black trans women were sexually assaulted in their lifetime, and 13% were sexually assaulted in the last year of the reporting.

These women often have a difficult time realizing their rights. For cisgender women, it’s an infringement on reproductive health, equal pay and safety in the workplace, and bodily integrity. Single women with children also face significant challenges. For transgender women, those infringements include the right to gender expression and a rite of passage. Such infringement manifests as discriminatory treatment, hate crimes, an unalivement. According to Irene Khan, freedom of expression is the cornerstone of democracy, which allows individuals and groups to enjoy several other human rights and freedoms.

Journal to the Center believes in-depth articles and analytical essays can put a spotlight on issues these concerns, which may change the way society views, interprets, and applies laws globally. If writers are interested in this page and would like to contribute by commenting on the content, debating an issue, or by submitting a respectful article, please visit the contact page.

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